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Chaos is the creative form of order.

I have been taking pictures since I was 8 years old when I was assigned the responsibility of the family camera on a trip. From then on I didn't want to put a camera out of my hand anymore. Today I want to actively improve myself and be inspired again and again!

In a time in which everyone can take countless pictures with their cell phone alone, what is behind the picture, the story, the work, the special circumstance or even how the choice of exactly this motif was made, is what is most interesting to me. I take pictures in every genre and I don't want to stick to a few yet, too big is the joy to gain new experiences with every single one. Personally, I try to avoid as much editing as possible, 'cause it's the moment I chose before taking the picture that I want to capture not what I could create from post-processing. Still, I consider digital-art as own beautiful profession and maybe later in life I will explore it, as well.
I like to talk about every kind of picture and I am open for positive as well as negative constructive feedback and I like to have techniques explained that are still unknown to me.
You noticed something special about one of my captures or you would like to have my opinion about one of your pictures? - Then just write me a message :)
Otherwise I always like to talk about (rock)music and plants :D

Have fun with my pictures and many more great motives and moments in front of your camera!

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  • Hans.Fiedler 19. Januar 2021, 19:58

    Hallo Ken, ich danke Dir für Deinen Besuch auf meinen Seiten und Deine
    Lob und Kommentar zu einigen Bildern aus meinem Portfolio!
    Liebe Grüße Hans
  • Jürgen Senz 3. November 2020, 13:45

    Hi Kn, thanks for your likes and looking at my pictures.
    best greeting Jürgen
  • Jenna2018 1. November 2020, 12:44

    Hi Ken, thank you for your likes on my photos. I have looked at your page. You have a very good eye for greetings Jenna
  • peem64 31. Oktober 2020, 15:23

    Danke für Dein Lob und Deinen Kommentar.
    VG Peter
  • DavidWalker 25. Oktober 2020, 14:19

    Hi Ken,
    thanks for your praise for my (Handy)  photo "Angler am Riegsee" . I assume you are English (if not, your english is perfect (except for "its" not "it's") so I will reply similarly. I note your comment about "plants" - I am not sure (after your reference to Rock&Roll) that we are talking we talking about the same "plants" but I like plants too , so see, there is a fair amount of green of the legal sort there too, in addition to my Experimental-Fotos, meine andere grosse Leidenschaft.
    I love your collection too, you just got one more Follow  !!
    Rgds David
  • Gabor Vörös 23. Oktober 2020, 12:02

    Vielen Dank Ken, schwarz-weiss  ist wunderschön....
  • Ste2fen 18. Oktober 2020, 18:25

    Hi Ken, thanks for visiting my profile, looking at my pictures and your Lob :-)
    Nice profile text here.
    Best regards.
  • Werner Henzgen 16. Oktober 2020, 22:15

    Hi Ken,
    habe mich über Dein Lob sehr gefreut! Du hast einige wirklich tolle Fotos!
  • Walter Zuber 14. Oktober 2020, 19:59

    Hey Ken,
    ich freue mich über zwei Dinge:
    Erstens , dass dir einige Bilder von mir gefallen und
    zweitens hoffe ich. dass wir noch einige interessante Bilder von dir zu sehen bekommen. Bin schon gespannt!
  • Rolf Wernet 14. Oktober 2020, 16:27

    Danke für Dein Lob. VG Rolf
  • Otto Hengge 14. Oktober 2020, 8:54

    Vielen Dank für dein Lob.
    Grüße Otto
  • Tonia 13. Oktober 2020, 23:06

    Vielen Dank für deinen Besuch und dein Lob. Hab mich auch mal bei dir umgesehen -  es sind ein paar ganz tolle Bilder dabei. LG, Tonia
  • juergenbs 13. Oktober 2020, 22:43

    Vielen Dank für das Lob Ken:-)
    Gruß Jürgen
  • jc.lorenz 13. Oktober 2020, 22:17

    Danke Ken für Dein Lob.
    Liebe Grüsse Jean-Claude
  • Amanda Theresia 19. September 2020, 7:46

    Hi Ken,
    Fantastische Bilder????. Mir gefällt besonders „the Form of water“. Die Farben, dieser Moment der Aufnahme. VG Amanda Theresia
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