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I am a varied style amateur photographer. Self-expression,outlet of creative energy and connecting others.

I used to be a landscape and nature photographer since 1970`s until the time when the digital cameras started to roll in. I was exited with the new technology and photoshop. While learning to use photoshop i did lots of photomanipulations but later i found myself again with the camera in my hand. I have a major interest in symbolic expression.

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  • hensken 4. August 2017, 18:02

    danke für deine commentare. l.g hensken
  • hensken 4. August 2017, 12:29

    danke für deinen commentar. l.g hensken
  • markkeville 4. August 2017, 11:47

    Thanks for the comment (Trows plantation). I have responded bellow the picture. mark
  • markkeville 23. Juli 2017, 23:15

    Thankyou for your kind comment (Richmond). I took the same view without a figure (my wife) ; but I prefer it with her in it. I hope you agree. mark.
  • markkeville 16. Juli 2017, 19:45

    Thankyou for your kind comment , (sheep on greenside hill). The picture was probably at the very limit of my competence - to get the light on the hills behind the sheep, together with the foreground. I'm pleased you liked it. Mark
  • † Autour 14. Juli 2017, 19:50

    Thanks for your attention, Juha, I'll follow you as well.

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