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Jean-Noël Chatelain

Free Mitglied

Über mich

I was born in France many years ago and moved to England in the Seventies. At present I'm living in the Cotswolds.

I have been enjoying taking photos for a long time. Going to America when a student got me even more interested. I then bought my first SLR and some extension tubes in order to do macro-photography. Later I got a zoom to take photos of birds in the Shetland isles and a macro lens to take flowers. I had caught the photography bug.

I've enjoyed taking slides for many years but in 2006 I decided to get a digital camera. This was a great decision as it has given me the freedom to take as many pictures as I wish and try until I get the picture I want.

I am very impressed with my Nikon D50 which allows me to take photos all the time in all kind of weather and light.

I take mainly macro photos of flowers as well as landscape when travelling.
Recently after a a grea trip to Vietnam I got into portrait photography.

Joining a photography site like this one is a great opportunity to see what other people are doing and to show my pictures to a wide knowledgeable audience.

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