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My name is Anastasios and I live at Frankfurt/Main. I worked for many years as graffic artist and would like to start something creative again.
I love modelbuilding in various forms, airbrushing, playing my drums and flying for two virtual airlines. I love philosophy and live my life the best I can!
I use a Nikon D200 with a standard zoom and a Sony a200 with the standard Sony 18-70mm and a Sigma 70-300 Tele. Also I use an old Zenith lens reversed for extreme macro shots. Since I´m not really a photographer, I lay my hopes on post processing to get some descent results. I use Photoshop CS3, Photomatix, NikSoftware plugins, ShiftN and various other filter programms. My themes are Nature, Architecture, People, Aircrafts, Technology and Abstracts.

Please feel free to visit my Gallery at www.vulture-photo.eu .

I would like to start Portraits and Teilakt if a model around Frankfurt would like to give me chance! Just PM me!!

I now start my Phase 2 in Photography, more elaborate photos can be expected!

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  • Sonja Grünbauer 2. Juli 2009, 12:28

    Hi Taso, thanks for your in-put. looking foward to see your latest releases, in phase 2....I like your profile pic. Weird and wonderful+different. ;-))) Sonja
    2 im Bild
    2 im Bild
    Sonja Grünbauer
  • Norbert 15 20. Juni 2009, 21:26

    Thanks for you comment. This is a JU 52 cockpit.

    Brgds Norbert
  • Robin Orszulik 24. April 2009, 19:56

    Hello Taso,
    thank you for your comment!
    Yes it`s true the Yak 52 is a very rare visitor.
    Best Wishes from Germany. :)
  • Christoph777 23. April 2009, 21:36

    Hello Taso,
    thank you very much for your many comments !!! =)

    Best regards
  • Andrea Monti (azoth) 1. April 2009, 10:45

  • Robin Orszulik 31. März 2009, 11:20

    Hello Taso,
    thank you for your comment to my Dasault =)
    Greetings Robin

  • Robin Orszulik 26. März 2009, 13:57

    Thank you for your comment!!
    Greetings from Delmenhorst!!

    Robin ;-))
  • Francesco Vigna 25. März 2009, 21:10

    Thank's I like the eye
  • Britt Kreh 18. März 2009, 13:28

    Dear fargotof,

    thank you very much!
    LG Britt
  • andrea hallgass 18. März 2009, 12:44

    grazie per un saluto ... andrea
  • Peter Burow 15. März 2009, 12:47

    Dear fargotof,

    Thanks for your comment on my horse picture.
    You are right that it's a little bit blurred - actually
    I should have used the computer to improve it, which
    is something I don't like very much - maybe one has to
    get used to it nowadays.
    Anyway I liked the scene.

    Greetings from Kempen

  • Eduardo Romero 3. März 2009, 20:16

    Thank you very much, fargotof!!!!!
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