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Diego González Sanz

Free Mitglied, Madrid

Über mich



+ NikonD50
+ Nikkor 28-80mm
+ Sakar super wider semi fish-eye

Kommentare 61

  • Amparo Mari 29. Januar 2009, 14:06

    Me encanta tu galería tienes cosas buenísimas, ¡enhorabuena!
  • Viki Hae 29. Juni 2008, 8:21

    hey diego! just stumbled over a comment of you and thought that it would be nice to hear something from you..! how are you doing? everything's fine? i'm in cologne now, doing my semester abroad.. and damn.. it's already over a year ago since we met in lindau.. time goes by too fast!

    see you!
  • Kiggi 2. Juni 2008, 20:35

    hola :)

    it´s been months since I looked at your pictures here the last time, so I thought I could leave a message to say that I like your picture cause it looks like summer and having fun ;)
    Gracias for your birthday wishes, that was a nice surprise! Currently I think of Hartenberg very often because everyone is writing emails and it´s almost one year ago...
    I´ll send you an email soon,

  • Viki Hae 1. Januar 2008, 19:34

    75! wooohooo. hoooray!! :D thats so great. woooohhh! :P :P

    but hey. nice userpic! new? don't know. =)
  • LaVie C'est moi 26. November 2007, 16:22

    gracias, but I don't know how to upload an image in a smaller size. Since the last time I've uploaded an image,things are changed here, also the size.
    excuse me for my bad english.
  • Chang hyun KIM 1. Oktober 2007, 9:12

    Hi Diago
    how are you??
    This is Chang~
    I heard your page from KIKI
    So I was joining this site.
    but it is difficult using for me ^^;;;
    see you~!!

    My name is Chang-hyun KIM in KOREA~
  • Diego González Sanz 6. Mai 2007, 15:53

    Hola wey!

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario, me da ánimos! ;) Veo que no llevas mucho tiempo aqui, seguro que aprenderas mucho segun vas viendo fotos de otros y recibes comentarios.
    jeje seme hace rara la idea de un mexicano en Bonn, me parecen sitios tan distintos.

    Weno! un saludo y a ver esas fotos!
  • Juan Alberto Calvillo 4. Mai 2007, 17:33

    Hola Diego,

    He visto tus imágenes y la verdad es que tu trabajo es increíblemente bueno. Me han gustado muchas de tus fotos y tu perspectiva se me hace muy interesante y creo estas creciendo y que serás mejor.

    Muchos Saludos
    Juan Alberto
  • interpol 4. April 2007, 13:36

    hey diego,
    i was working for three months at lake constance during the winter. we met with viki and jens bohlmann and some other guys from switzerland and austria and germany in bregenz and had a very funny day!


  • interpol 4. April 2007, 10:49

    i like your style, buddy!
  • Viki Hae 26. November 2006, 15:31

    monsieur gonzález has a new name here in the fc :)
  • tamlenatam 26. November 2006, 13:43

    hey Diego Thanks for your comment

    greetings from germany ;) Lenaaa
  • drea . 25. November 2006, 20:56

    Hi Diego,
    I must admit I really like your photos! I would write to you in spanish, pero hablo solo un poco espanol ;-)
    I looked at all of your photos, you really travel a lot, don't you?
    greetings from germany,
  • A Friend Indeed 18. November 2006, 12:16

    thank you

    i guess it was 2 or 2.8
  • Fjodor Giordano 13. Oktober 2006, 2:20

    you have great pictures! I'll look forward for your next pictures, buddy!!
    greetings, Fjodor
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