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Daniel A. Lara

Free Mitglied, Atizapan de Zaragoza

Über mich

I'm just a guy that loves photography. I take mainly landscapes, archeological sites and ancient buildings. I also have 4 cats and I take lots of pics of them.
I have a SONY MAVICA FD88, an Olympus 4000 Z and also a FUJI Reflex.
Most of my published pics were taken with the Olympus.

Kommentare 14

  • Ruth Julieta Chávez Martínez 9. September 2007, 2:27

    Daniel, me gustó tu serie de fotos de Querétaro. Te dejo esta que es de Los Lirios, muy cerca de las zonas arqueológicas de San Joaquín. Saludos desde Cedereyta Querétaro.
  • Sheva Sol F 8. Januar 2007, 2:08

    Mutual greetings from St.-Petersburg!
  • Daniels_Fotowelt 5. Februar 2006, 21:10

    Nice Pictures! Look on my Page if you whant! And say what you thinking about. Have a nice day daniel from Berlin Germany
  • John Bennett 2. November 2005, 18:42

    Hi Daniel, thanks for your kind comments.
  • Rafael Cor 25. September 2005, 7:32

    Hola Daniel.

    Gracias por tus comentarios.

  • Maria-Fernanda Araujo 13. September 2005, 8:15

    Olá Daniel,
    Obrigada pelos seus comentários.
    Achei seus gatos o máximo, especialmente a Sheila e o impagável Myrddin. Ele é mesmo o gato mais dorminhoco do mundo e as poses são ótimas. Eu já tinha visto as tuas fotos antes de ser membro da Comunidade e não podia, então, pôr comentários.
    Agora eu tenho 3 gatos. A Bisou sumiu no dia de Corpus Christi.
    Que bom que você fala português! Onde aprendeu?
  • BrunaS 15. August 2005, 16:17

    Hi Daniel,
    I didn´t take new pictures lately; today is the first day in the community, so I just uploaded the two I´m very proud of.
    Thank you very much for the comment.


  • John Moore 1. August 2005, 18:27

    Hello Daniel, thank you for your kind comments and photo posted to my profile.
    It is much appreciated.
    Best wishes from Australia.
    A pic for you.

  • Eamon Lynch 22. Juli 2005, 2:44

    Hi Daniel A, some nice work you have there Well done I have 3 Cats meself they are my Stable of feline models. and so photographic.. lookin forward to seeing more of your work..
    Kind Regards from Ireland.

  • Bill Lang 15. Juli 2005, 19:27

    Thanks for your comment on Morning Fisherman.
  • Carlos Arias 12. Juli 2005, 8:14

    don daniel cuantos gatos ud tiene?.
    estan muy bonitos
  • Vicente Herreros Garcia 5. Juli 2005, 19:22

    Hola, el modelo es amigo mio, es muy joven, la chica igual, tiene 23 años.

    Tienes fototos muy bonitas, yo estoy aprendiendo ahora.

    un saludo
  • Irma K. 11. Juni 2005, 23:21

    i have just visited again and discoverd wicca's pic. she is beautiful and of course she is a coonie !
    put your on our buddylist in order to not miss any pic again ;-)
    keep well and take care of your 4-paws-gems!
    greetings from germany

  • Irma K. 29. Mai 2005, 19:17

    hi daniel,
    very warm welcome to the fc!

    thanks for your comment on carinjo!
    looking forward to seeing more pics of her!
    how does she cope with the hot climate in mexico due to her fur and is she allowed to roam freely??
    keep well and take great care of the cats
    carinjo......in the bag
    carinjo......in the bag
    Irma K.

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