Cesar Matamoros II

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Über mich

I have had an interest in photography since my childhood. I probably got it from my father.
I mainly used Pentax gear. It started with 35mm. It continued into digital, 6x4.5, and 6x7.
I was a semi-professional as I am an engineer in my full-time job. It is now a passion.
I am now into the Leica world. I have a IIIf and an M3 in the film world. I picked up a D-Lux 5 and most recently an M9 and then an M-E - using my lenses that were made in the 50s, I have picked up some faster Voigtlander lenses.
I see my photos as accompanying me whenever I end up in my old age in a rocking chair sitting on the front porch :-)

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Leica M-E
Leica M9
Pentax *ist D
Leica D-Lux 5
Pentax MX-1
Pentax 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x7
Leica 35mm - IIIf (1950/1) & M3 (1960)