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Premium (Basic), Carrara/Gold Coast

Über mich

Apologies that I am using English instead of German - it is meanwhile easier for me although born, brought up, and educated in Germany.
Photography became my serious hobby about 40 years ago.
When I joined a club in 1998 I considered myself being a quite good photographer . But meanwhile I know that I really started learning only as a club member.
My preferred subjects are landscapes, especially capturing a certain mood at a time although I am taking anything what fancies me.
In the old days I rejected any manipulation except basic improvements such as increasing contrast etc. but meanwhile I consider photography as a medium for art and therefore I dislike any rules or restrictions.
All images are my property and protected by copyright which means it is abolutely unacceptable to download or manipulate and distribute in any way.

Kommentare 4

  • Draghies 30. September 2019, 18:05

    Hello Ben,
    Thanks for your very nice comment. I find a lot of amazing pictures on you portfolio.
    Regards, Sieghard
  • Hajola 22. September 2019, 13:43

    Very nice your top pictures. Very nice the Sydney pano. I like the style of your photos.
  • Stephan Tijink 21. August 2019, 17:26

    Really really great photos ! :-)
  • s. monreal 10. Juni 2019, 22:37

    Das fängt ja gut an! Freue mich auf mehr. Viele Grüße, Stephan
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