Brad B. d-M.

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Just a world-wide travelling hack with a camera who loves to take pictures of what I see.

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  • Genevieve Cheglov 6. August 2007, 16:54

    Hi Brad! Thanks a lot for your comment to my photo! Looks really a little spooky...;-)
    Genevieve Cheglov

    I`m very impressed of your photos here - nice and tenebrous... I´m interessted to see more!
    Greetz, Genevieve
  • Ruth G. 9. Juli 2006, 9:41

    Hey.. Thanks very much for your comment! You don't have to apologize for writing it in English, I'm not very good at it, but I understand :o).. You have many interesting pics in your profile.. It seems like you are travelling a lot - I wish I could also do so, but not enough money unfortunately :o(..

    Greetings, Ruth
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