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Marius Blaauw

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Ok Good

Well what I was saying is to maybe make a fotocommunity teenagers site. Just for teens. Like the adults have the fotocommunity adult site and teens have there own. Cause aduldts think diffrent about the pictures then we teens do. We teens are not so exprience then the adults by taking pictures. I'm not saying that the adults shouldn't look at the teen pictures and make a comment about it. They are allowed and walcome to do so. But maybe just the create a website for just teens. The aduld can have there own site and on there site they can have like a link that can see teens pictures. Ok well that's my idia. Bye Bye. Marius

Johannes Schmitt schrieb:

i think most of the teens here talk english, too. so why
don't you explain your idea in english ? I have some problems
to understand what exactly you mean

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