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Zoltan Nagy

Free Mitglied, Budapest

Über mich

My name is Zoltan Nagy.
I was born in 1976. For the first time...

Then I bought a compact camera in 2003 and my life has totally changed.
Well, I think you may say, that I was born again two years ago.
I'm just a curious and openhearted little boy now.
As for the way I see the world that's absolutely true.

Lately, I've bought several film cameras, I rather prefer using them to using the digital one.

Now let me show you "my world".
Welcome to the world of light and shadow!

I would be pleased if you write your comments to my e-mail address.

When browsing my homepage, move the mouse cursor over the texts&titles of photos and it will be translated from Hungarian into English.

Kommentare 7

  • Tiiu T 23. November 2006, 6:50

    Can I use your photos on tallini.fi? :)
  • Moricka Hakapeszik 20. September 2005, 18:21

    Szia some:-)
    A Móricka, a jenoapu és a Eugen B is én vagyok. Sajna 2* újra kellett regisztrálnom, mert tönkrement a vinyóm. Végül a szolgáltatóm elküldte a régi leveleket, de a nickeket már megtartottam.
  • Zoltan Nagy 20. September 2005, 17:36

    When beowsing my homepage, move the mouse cursor over the texts&picture titles and it will be translated into English.
  • John Bennett 19. September 2005, 18:03

    Hi Zoltan, thanks for your advice, I will try it out next time.I see your new to FC welcome and enjoy your stay.
  • JVision 18. September 2005, 21:49

    Hi Zoltan,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. I like your first uploads here and looking forward to see more of your work. Feel free to comment on other photos too.
    Kind regards
  • Zoltan Nagy 18. September 2005, 10:37

    Thank you really!
  • Jack Lutz 17. September 2005, 20:35

    Salü Zoltan
    Willkommen in der fc.in der ich Dir viel Spass und nette Kontakte wünsche. Hoffentlich bekommst Du immer die tollsten Motive vor die Kamera.
    Gruss Jack

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