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Yu Han

Free Mitglied, shanghai

Über mich

Hi,i am a gal from Shanghai.I am a university student and major in art design.I will graduate from my school this june.I like photography very much,Nice to join foto community:)

Kommentare 32

  • Claudia Casagranda 25. Januar 2005, 19:33

    i love the style of your great pictures...showing me a part of another world....i put you orange.....greetz claudi
  • Hanulp II 9. Januar 2005, 14:19

    ... nice pics, lady!
  • Urban Eyes 2. Januar 2005, 11:00

    greetings from a stranger in the same town!
  • C. Valentine 29. Oktober 2004, 15:21

    Hi Yu Han

    Your photos are very beautyful.
    Buddy :)

  • Artworld. Austria 24. Oktober 2004, 11:55

    hi to.........*
  • -Hopeman- 24. Oktober 2004, 11:21

    you show some very nice and interesting pictures here.. I wonder why I haven't seen your pics before. new buddy *g*

  • Ayumi Gnong 12. September 2004, 17:50

    your pictures are really lovely..some kind of rough but great! love that. added u to my buddy list (wanna see more!)
  • Günther Weinerth 2. September 2004, 12:44

    Hi Yu Han,

    your pics are very good. I like them.

    welcome at my buddies

    best regards

  • miya 11. Juli 2004, 14:23


    interessting pics = buddy
  • Christina Gohli 16. Mai 2004, 15:28

    My Mother is also from Asia.
    She comes from the Philippines.

    I like your portrait pics!
    I hope to see more of you here :-)
    Nice greets from Austria!
  • Ich glaubte die Welt zu entdecken 21. April 2004, 11:11

    hi yu han.
    i had a look at your photos. i like them, because they show complete different kind of people! and different styles! i gonna keep an eye on u! :-)

    lg axel.
  • Qingwei Chen 21. April 2004, 8:26

    Hi Yu Han,

    glad to see you. some pictures from me in stil of chinese painting for you.

    Orchidee - like a chinese painting
    Orchidee - like a chinese painting
    Qingwei Chen

    regarde Qingwei
  • Aline Bee 20. April 2004, 18:21

    Hey ho,
    nice 2 have u here,
    ppl from other countries r always interesting ;o)

  • Liza M. 20. April 2004, 18:06

    I really like your pics!
    So long
  • Bernd Schubert 15. April 2004, 18:44

    Hi Yu Han,
    This is a very nice image pic. Welcome in the fotocommunity!
  • Burkhard C. Schipper 14. April 2004, 17:48

    Excellent university.
  • Yu Han 14. April 2004, 17:24

    I studies at Shanghai Jiaotong University.I am major in art visual design,I am senior ,will gruaduate soon,
  • Burkhard C. Schipper 8. April 2004, 11:45

    At which university in Shanghai do you study?
  • Jörg Flathmann 20. März 2004, 11:54

    Hello Yu,

    what I see in your gallery is this: Great ideas put on the stage by an artistically thinking woman. Most with a message ... in black and white, clear and thoughtful, hard and soft ... what ever.
    I like your work. Please stay in the fc, so we all will have less boredom and much more art-thinking views from asia.

  • Fredl G. 20. März 2004, 3:23

    Ni hao Yu Han
    Welcome to the FC

    see you soon in Shanghai *g*

  • Markus Jerko 19. März 2004, 10:50

    hey cool, nice greets from vienna to shanghai!

    i like your style, for example the chatea photo, or the pony hari girl... they are so spontaneuous and "live"...

    if you wanna, visit my website http://www.mworx.at and see some of my photos!
  • Ray Riley 11. März 2004, 16:32

    Hi and welcome, I'm very curious about some pics about life in Shangai
    I loved your daydream pic
  • Yu Han 28. Januar 2004, 15:14

    Hi,D M M
    thanx for reminding me that.Sure i wil upload some national style photos next time:)
  • Yu Han 27. Januar 2004, 9:58

    You are so polite.A gentleman:)Your english is not bad:)
  • Yu Han 26. Januar 2004, 13:38

    Thank u dear Inerz,people here are still having Chinese New Year holidays.Sending you the best wishes,too.

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