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Terri Wu

Free Mitglied, San Francisco

Über mich

I am very happy to have found this great site.
My German is not very good unfortunately...

Born - and live - in California, USA

Many of the photos I post here will be with my Holga-camera.

All comments are always greatly appreciated - good or bad :-)

Ich versuche, Deutscher ofcourse außerdem zu lesen:-)

Kommentare 47

  • Tana Hall 27. März 2004, 22:28

    your pics have a very special touch ! I like them a lot....
    saludos tana ;-)
  • Christoph Lauber 24. Januar 2004, 0:23

    Dich hab ich aber wesentlich zu spät entdeckt :)

    Leider ist es schon spät hier, der Tag also leer und ich voll, also auf bald !!!

  • João Carlos Espinho 14. September 2003, 19:28

    i put you on my favorites.
    best regards
  • Susa Vonderlind 9. September 2003, 18:45

    be my buddy! ;-))

  • ALtEr EGo 9. September 2003, 17:16

    hello terri

    your pictures are very beautiful. i like your style.

    bye benjamin

  • Dietmar Wegewitz 8. September 2003, 10:34

    hi Terry,
  • Jannemann7 8. September 2003, 3:35

    a cool breaze:-) i´m busy in doing not really important things:-) i don´t know why?:-)
  • Photo E.K.Richter 30. August 2003, 12:10

    Hallo !
    Danke für die Anmerkung und schöne Grüße nach
    San Francisco aus Neumünster.
    Schöne Fotos gibt es hier von Dir zu sehen.
    Gruß Erhard

  • Photo E.K.Richter 30. August 2003, 10:37

    Hallo !
    Danke und Grüße nach Amerika aus dem schönen Norden Deutschlands
  • Mara P. 24. August 2003, 22:24

    thankies for you comment hun ;)
  • Tante Rina 9. August 2003, 15:35

    and yes i took a look and i did it already some days ago. i like your pics, your style.
    just want you to know that :)
  • Ravna 8. August 2003, 19:32


    your Photos are really interesting, especially your new Self Portraits.
    I have some relatives in California, ist so beautiful there!!!
    At the moment they live in healdburg but when I was younger they lived in Sausalito, so beautiful, and it was always so great to see the Skyline of SF.

  • Jens Reppe 8. August 2003, 18:02

    Hallo Terri,
    you photos are really good. I like the most of them. Your photos have a special style, I like.
    Greeting from Dresden
  • Ralf Connor 7. August 2003, 15:06


    Best regards
  • Birdies Landscapes 7. August 2003, 5:11

    thank you for saving memories. we had a very nice vacation in san francisco and where in china town too. it was so wonderful. and with your pictures, you hold our memories alife.
    lg marco
  • Thomas Kern 6. August 2003, 3:47

    helps me alot ... :D
    works vice versa
  • Thomas Böhnert 1. August 2003, 7:10

    Hi Terri,
    welcome to this community. I like your pic´s and I´m looking forward to see your new photos.

  • ReHase 29. Juli 2003, 7:43

    hi Terri,

    thank you for your comments,
    they make me curios and i found
    great pictures made with
    the holga

    don't want to miss any of your fotos!!

    Best regard Renate
  • der jOe 28. Juli 2003, 11:52

    Hi Terri
    tnx for your remark on Start Projekt Fürth.. I´m glad you like it. I´ll surely take a look at your pics -
  • Dalli Klick 22. Juli 2003, 13:23

    Hello Terry,
    Hello to sunny San Drancisco and welcome to rainy FC Germany.

    I had to learn about Holga cam, before I could look at your pictures. I didn't know about Holga before.

    All this shots - I don't know if it's you or the effects of the cam - have a great atmosphere. All appear to be very lonely and intimate.
    However, I like this.

    All the best,
  • El hombre brujo 21. Juli 2003, 9:20

    Hi Terry ,
    I saw your pictures taken with the Holga 120 today.
    great street photography. The Holga give them the charme of the last century, the vignetting optic forms teh base motiv of you photos. I will "keep an eye on you" in future. Good luck and best regards (oh, my horrible english)

    axel O.
  • elvisfirewolf 20. Juli 2003, 17:48

    hi terri,
    as i wrote in my answer to your comment to my picture "entry, exit or passage?" i do like your photos very much and of course you'll be at my buddy-list from now on!
    like to see more!
    many greetings,
  • Thomas Adorff 20. Juli 2003, 17:23

    Great pictures! I like them!!
    Holga...thats new for me but really good!!!
  • Klaus Steinmetz 19. Juli 2003, 20:40

    Hallo, o.k., but intentional I have placed the figures in the middle of the picture because I see the great interest of the first man to interrupt the short leave and the other would like to go to the girls (sea and land)
    Best regards
  • redfox - photo - art 19. Juli 2003, 17:48

    Hallo, besten Dank für deine Anmerkung.Habe mir deine Photo´s alle angeschaut und bin begeistert , das es noch Menschen gibt die die lieben guten Schwarz / weiss Bilder mögen und sie auch fotografieren.
    Gruß Udo Rusch

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