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Free Mitglied, Achaffenburg

Über mich

Ich wohne seit mehrere Jahre in die nähe von Aschaffenburg. Wurde mich auf Kontakt mit Models und Fotographen in der Gegend Freuen :-)

Have been living in Germany for some time now, I live in the Aschaffenburg area and would love to meet anyone interested in Photography.

I have mainly photographed crisis areas, war zones and places visited but am now looking to improve my skills at "People photography"...

I know.... I know.... I still have a looooong way to go... help me find the path :-)

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  • Michael Lunse 23. September 2008, 15:14

    Welcome! Fotocommunity is a great place to come and see many excellent shots (of the non-war zone bullet variety) of many, many different things in many different styles and tastes all presented in a quality manner.

    You want to get better at "people photography" - do you mean by that portrait (posed and in a more controlled setting) or documentary (live, out in the street so to speak)? In either case I applaud your choice and the best advice I can give is to watch and look ... a lot.

    Take lots of shots and study them - what is good, what could be better. Look at others photos and find the qualities about them you like the most and then try to build those qualities into your work. Put your individual photos out there for feedback and don't be offended.

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