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Free Mitglied, Tokyo Minato-ku

Kommentare 8

  • SirMajestix 13. Juli 2009, 15:28

    if you have time you can look my new piktures
    lg sandra
  • SirMajestix 13. Juli 2009, 15:26

    if you hab time you can look my new piktures
    lg Sandra
  • SirMajestix 10. April 2009, 20:53

    Lg Sandra
  • SirMajestix 23. März 2009, 11:03

    hi Satsuki
    i want to show you what i make how find you my work ?

    Lg Sandra
  • Satsuki 5. März 2009, 5:31

    Hi, Sandra, I am checking how I can read quick message.. for the moment, I can read your messages only on the page of "my profile"(here) and E-mails from photocomunity.

    Last night, I saw your photos "how interesting the costumes and make-up of BRUISE!!" I want to try that someday. I really enjoyed. And three dogs..

    I want to post some photos which I took.. but it will take little more time, as I have a lot to do right now. My daughter will graduate from elementary school this month, and I will move on 19 Mar. I am packing everything!!

    Keep in touch, please.
  • SirMajestix 4. März 2009, 19:34

    Hi Satsuki
    if you get the Quickmassage from me ?
    or read you only here ? have you get the mail from me ?
    i have sent the mail with the community and on the ride site you have a jellow lether when you have a new mail.
    love Sandra
  • Satsuki 25. Februar 2009, 17:08

    Thank you Sandra. I put my photo as you could recognize me easily but not so nice. It is just latest one.

    I have a camera but for the moment, I can't manage very well this kind of.. so to call high-tech system. As I believe the image can tell you more than the (my) story. So I try to understand how to use this FOTOCOMMUNITY and I will send you the photo of here and my family or friends!



  • SirMajestix 25. Februar 2009, 16:57

    Hi Satsuki,
    this is I. nicely you have found me, I have been glad very much as me this has just read. How you like our pictures. Michael Photografie also with pleasure and we divide to us this side. I hope see you soon affectionately yours Sandra

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