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Free Mitglied, München/Munich

Über mich

Photography is a new hobby to Pamphy, although he owns a DSLR since 04/2006 he is not able to follow this hobby as often he wants. At the moment the main aims are to get a better feeling and understanding of using the camera and to improve the skills of electronic picture manipulation.

With his pictures he tries to document the degeneration of old buildings, infrastructure and environment. But also experiments like infrared filters, night shoots & DRI technology are in his interests.

The used tools are a Mac PowerBook G4, CS1 and the camera. Through access to several objectives from Canon this vendor was selected and he decided the model EOS 20D will be a good point to start with.

Of course, only selected pictures will be uploaded, but critic is welcome to improve the skills and increase the quality.

Kommentare 3

  • Choccoboo 19. Januar 2009, 2:40


    I find your photos really Beautiful..
  • Nur Meiner Einer 12. Juli 2007, 3:23

    starke SW die Du uns zeigst!

    weiter so!

  • Christian Gaier 10. Juli 2007, 1:01

    Hallo Pamphy, das ist wirklich ein sehr guter Einstieg. Viel Spaß noch hier!!!
    Liebe Grüße,

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