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Neo Sheau Wei

Free Mitglied, Ampang

Über mich

I'm a chinese girl, living in Malaysia,
which is interested in taking real live photos.
My favourite shoot is about the food, something special liked still live.
Otherway i like to shoot human face expressions.
I'm interested to find newfriends here and your comments about my photos, if it's bad or good,
it doesn't matter.

My cameras are
-Nikon FM2
-FUJI Digital Cam

I learned photography in College and my friend Marcus P. from Krefeld/Germany told me about the Fotocommunity.I hope I can handle it, and
wish the best to all of you.

You all can write your comments in german, too.
Sure, I only can write english and malay,
But my german friend will translate, if it is in german.

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