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Was ist neu?

Milan Bartos

Free Mitglied, Prague

Über mich

Comments in English, please 8o)

Leica M6
35mm lens
ilford PAN

darkroom :o)

Kommentare 28

  • moritz frank 31. Januar 2008, 19:31

    you got some great pictures dood!
    i'll keep studying them in order to get better

    best wishes,
  • Marc Erpelding 21. Mai 2007, 18:16

    Dear Milan,

    Great pictures you show here...full of life!!!

    Kind regards,
  • Susie Q 26. September 2006, 8:04

    Congratulations on an outstanding portfolio; it's been a pleasure browsing your terrific images ...
    Susie :o)
  • Jamie Hollett 30. August 2006, 21:08

    Your portfolio has been brought to my attention via voting for gallery. Amazing B&W work, some of the very best i have seen in a long long time. Love your vision & the way you capture people is amazing.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
  • Maria Mylona 29. Juni 2006, 21:23

    Hi Milan,

    i couldnt agree more with Ruud. Great eye and photos.
    Like them a lot

  • Maguire 27. Juni 2006, 14:58

    Just been introduced to your portfolio.. which is quite coincidental.. my daughter is visiting Prague just now. Great work.. really impressive.

  • Frank Cecconi 27. Juni 2006, 0:23

    Hi Milan

    I love your style! Keep those pics coming ... ;-)
    Frank Cecconi

    Frank C
  • Juergen Modis 21. Juni 2006, 13:32

    you makes excellent images!
  • Mark Johnston 20. Juni 2006, 0:25

    Wonderful work.
    Published yet? If not then when?
    Keep it up.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 3. Juni 2006, 12:49

    beautiful foto-windows you have Milan
  • Augenblick Walter 22. Februar 2006, 11:32

    Ahoj Milan,
    I like the foto "Strahov" - it is very fine. Your fotos are classical. I think your shining example is Henri Cartier-Bresson. You make KLICK in the right moment!
    lg arnold
    Arno Walter
  • Zsuzsanna Gácsi 22. Januar 2006, 15:19

    Hi Milan,
    Awesome photos, please keep posting them!!! I really like the unreproducable moments you catch.
  • Sabina Cäcilia S. 15. Januar 2006, 20:59

  • Alexander M. 12. Januar 2006, 19:49

    stunning work !
  • Ja H 12. Januar 2006, 17:17

    Hallo Milane,
    anglicky neumim, dovol teda ponasemu.

    Tvoje Fotografie zijí. Co jsem tady, malem jsem zapomnel, jak se ma fotit. Zkusim to napravit.
    Hodne pozdravu z Basileje.
  • Malte Windwehr 5. Januar 2006, 3:12

    where were you all this time?
    your work is brillant. and you're orange now.

    regards from munich

  • Istvan Stefan 3. Januar 2006, 21:01

    Bonne Année et bonnes photos!
  • Dario Grzelj 2. Januar 2006, 11:47

    very good work
    ps only one photo from croatia :(
  • Michael Goesch 31. Dezember 2005, 1:39

    I'll keep eye on you too! :)
  • Nicolas LACHAISE 16. Dezember 2005, 18:32

    Milan, you're "just" an excellent photographer !
    I would like to have your vision and your talent.
  • Siegfried Hansen 5. September 2005, 14:32

    hi milan
    i like your style , a very good view to the situations
    of street life
    greetings siggi
  • Radim Kostial 3. August 2005, 16:38

    No, Milane, na to nasem pisku jsi pro me jeden z mala absolutne nejlepsich, noo... .-)
    Hodne stesti
  • nickblack 29. Juni 2005, 22:22

    Hi Milan,
    i like your style very much. Good old black and white work. Strong!!!!

    Greetings Nick
  • Mario Leko 24. April 2005, 18:12

    very good work...;))
  • Esti Cs. 13. Januar 2005, 21:20

    your name... hoody-goody, maybe we're relatives. :-)))
    keep an eye on you. well, not only because of the name. great pics, as well. :-)
    j. bartos

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