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Über mich

Marco Mazzini is Portrait, Fashion & Avant-Garde Photographer based in Luxembourg, specializing in model portfolios and individual projects. Marco likes the challenge of working with a variety of styles and talents to create great images. His creativity is endless and his vision is to create images that will live on the edge of normal, dramatically shake the ground of what is acceptable, and truly capture the avant-garde spirit.

Marco Mazzini is based in Luxembourg. He is Italian, but was born in Belgium and is living in Luxembourg for many years now. His interest into cameras began very early as a child, so he decided to study Photography and it became a passion... After 20 years of "ordinary" modeling, portrait and fashion photography he met his creative muse Lynn Schockmel, a bodypainting and makeup artist. Both fell in love and merged to a creative team. Marco and Lynn decided to focus into Avant-Garde, fetish and Bodypainting, this obviously includes Steampunk, Gothic, Victorian, Burlesque, from leather. latex to High Fashion Couture. Both have access to unique locations and are in possession of a huge selection of clothes, headpieces and accessories to create awesome transformations.

Marco in a couple of words:
- experience in model photography since 25 years
- studies at St Lux in Liège (photography section)
- photography workshops (Jean Janssis, Itisphoto paris, Fnac, Artis paris, Jean TURCO...)
- makeup workshops (Karen Yiu, Einat Dan, Felix Stein, Indigo Make-up Studio)
- bodypainting workshops (Matteo Arfanotti, Lymari Millot…)
- publications in various magazines ( Visual Artistry Magazine, Stern.de ,Photo.fr, Extravagant Magazine, Luxembourg by night, Femmes Magazine, coiffuredeparis.fr, biblond.com, Le Jeudi, Le Quotidien …)

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Canon 5DS R
Canon 24-70mm L f2.8 II
Canon 70-200mm L f2.8 is II
Canon 85mm L f1.2
Canon 17-40 mm L f4

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L