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Livingstone TravelPig

Free Mitglied, über All

Über mich

My name is Livingstone and I'm a TravelPig!

That means that I travel around the world, have my pictures taken in exciting places and then (and that's the difficult part ...) write about my adventures.

I've been in this business now for over 3 years and I'm originally a British pig (hence the English here) but I've hired a translator, so when my translator is around dann kann ich auch auf deutsch schreiben. ;-)

We TravelPigs are a rare species - there are only 17 of us around, including myself, and, sadly, quite a few of my fellow pigs haven't been seen in a long time :( So if you ever happen to come across one of us make sure we are in good company! If not, you might want to 'rescue' us!

That's it from me for now,
toodaloo + tschüss,

P.S.: I'd like to thank my buddy Stu who sent me out to travel the world and who created our website! And my travel companions, past and present, who've taken me *almost* around the world!

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  • Rainard Buchmann 26. Juni 2005, 18:19

    hallo und willkommen in der großen &
    verückten familie der FC
    ich wünsche euch immer gut licht und weitere schöne fotos

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