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  • kdegermenci 27. September 2007, 21:23

    thanks a lot eveline. I'm sure I will be enjoying my time with you all.
  • eveline tavernaro 24. September 2007, 11:47

    mein englisch ist leider zum hasen füttern,
    aber trozdem, herzlich willkommen.
    lg eveline
  • kdegermenci 24. September 2007, 0:20

    Hi guys,

    sorry for writing in English but my German is not yet good eneugh... I have a SLR camera since the day before yesterday and since then I haven't been sleeping but reading and reading and reading about technical details etc. It will be an hard job. But i thinh that i finally found my ultumate hobby.

    The camera I have is a Nikon D80, with the kit objective of 18-1355mm- I hope it will be satisfactory for the coming months where i will be a poor "Lehrling."
    I profit from everything you write within this community and would like to thank you all one by one.

    I live in Oberhausen and my if i dare to wish something on my first day here: woild some one fraom this area help me for the basic "einstellungen" of my camera. I would like to drink an expresso or a cappucino with me and spend an hour to help me do my first steps. Of course i pay for the coffees :-)


    I wish you all the best.

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