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Kamil Majdanski

Free Mitglied

Über mich

Hi everybody!

I am 22 year old IT student and have a passion for photography. I am working and studying in Lodz, Poland. First pictures I took on my Sony P52 later came F717 and now I work with the Canon 20d. I try to prove though that the camera is just an instrument in the hands of a talented professional. My goal is to appeal to as many people as possible. In the beginning the theme of my pictures varied widely now I take mainly portraits and I am geared towards advertisement photography but my portfolio contains also other work.
I am sorry but I don’t speak German, however I do know some English and I will try to answer your questions in this language. If any of you speaks Polish then that’s even better ;o)
I invite you to take a look at my work and will appreciate any comments.


Kommentare 102

  • Monika Synytycz 23. Februar 2014, 16:42

    ah tu jestes
  • Katharina Burczynski 12. Dezember 2011, 23:38

    hejka Kamil ,wiem ze jestes zapracowany ale moglbys tu czasem wrzucic cos nowego .Pozdrowionka :*
  • Freiraum 6. September 2009, 16:03

    utalentowany fotograf z dobrym stylem i czulym okiem do szczegölöw .dobra prace pokazujesz!
  • mein blühendes geheimnis 21. Januar 2008, 19:27

    your works are great!! it´s a pleasure to look at your pictures.
    best wishes, uli
  • CF Photography 2. September 2007, 10:35

    You´re presenting a very nice portfolio here, my congratulation !!!

    best regards Carsten !!!
  • Model Diana M 30. Januar 2007, 14:21

    Fantasic pictures on your side- I am very fascinated!!
    best wishes,
  • Bin Im Laden 20. Oktober 2006, 15:05

    Hello Kamil,
    it was a pleasure to look at your artful work.
    I am very impressed.

    Best regards,
  • Jot Beh 17. Oktober 2006, 7:04

    Hi Kamil,

    I am very impressed. Your portraits are great.
    You choose the rigtht women to catch great impressions, feelings and sensually looks.
    It is a pleasure to look at the protraits.

    Stay tuned

  • Model Sula 4. Oktober 2006, 12:22

    Czecz Kamil,

    masz naprawde piekne zdjecia!!!

  • Model StreetStyle Princess 29. September 2006, 15:07

    Witam Cie goraco na Fotocommunity.de
    Widzialam juz Twoje zdjecia na innych portalach i uwazam ,ze posiadasz ogromny talent

    lg virginia
  • Adrian Dryja 27. Juli 2006, 13:30

    Czesz Kamil,

    ladne obrasi, muj polski jest barzo sly ale prubuje.

    Na prawde dobre prazy. Jedno mamy wspolnego, tom samom kamere. :)

    Pozdrawjam, Adrian
  • Marko- Philippe Ninkov 15. Mai 2006, 9:33

    wow, deine fotos sind ja der hammer !!!
    fettes RESPEKT, buddy !

  • Diana Sp. 2. Mai 2006, 20:58

    very very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Irene W. 18. April 2006, 18:07

    you show us very good and beautifull pictures. they are telling storrys.... orange

    greets irene
  • Nati O. 14. April 2006, 10:44


    I take a look in your profil because I look at your fotos... my compliments... your fotos are very good and I hope to see more of your beautiful pictures in FC ...

    wish you the best ...

  • Katharina Zima 31. März 2006, 16:21

    masz ladne fotografia
    podoba mi sie!!

    Bardzo mi milo

  • Mark Illrath 1. Februar 2006, 18:01

    Great stuff over here. Keep on!
    Greetings from Cologne....
  • Marvin Kirsch 20. Januar 2006, 17:35

    i found my idol : )

    brilliant work

  • A.T.M.O.S °creativ design° 13. Januar 2006, 14:54

    Great Work !!! well done ...

    I like it !! orange :-) ..some words of many i could say about your style and work!!

    ~... Seven Secrets - the second ~
    ~... Seven Secrets - the second ~
    A.T.M.O.S °creativ design°

    lg Nico
  • Stefan Nowaczynski 13. Januar 2006, 8:50

    Witam Kamil!!!!
  • Fee Zadek 12. Januar 2006, 21:42

    gread work!!!!it is so beautiful, intensive and very, very good!!
    i put you on my buddy -lit, i don´t want to miss one of your pictures!!!!!
    good luck, fee*
    Waiting . . .
    Waiting . . .
    Fee Zadek
  • Cord Boschen 11. Januar 2006, 16:36

    you've been on my buddy list for a while now...

    time to leave a note in your 'guestbook'... i admire your work... think you are doing a great job... most of your pix are really awsome... but i hate them in the same time... ;-) just because i don't have the slightest touch how to cope with your work.... ;-)

    hope to see more... ;-)

  • Bartlomiej Plewicki 6. Januar 2006, 4:24

    Wariackim marszem s? nierówne takty
    Podró?y, w?ród których wibruje pod?oga.

    A mo?e i ?wiat..

  • B.B. Passion of Photography 7. Dezember 2005, 14:15

    Your Fotos are so beautiful!!!

    Go on!
    I like this Style!

  • Michael2 Schulz 5. Dezember 2005, 10:53

    Dude, you rock. Put you on my buddy-list so I don't miss anything.

    Thanks for sharing

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