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John Gieroszynski

Free Mitglied, Palmerston

Kommentare 3

  • Adele Oliver 6. Oktober 2014, 19:34

    hello John,
    thank you for visiting and for leaving your nice comment .... I might just come to Oz before you come to Vancouver to sail ;-)))) I have a daughter and grandchildren in Sydney...
    greetings, Adele
  • Luci 11 12. November 2013, 16:29

    Hello John

    You're very welcome to Holland.
    I saw your very beautiful images of flowers and animals.
    This must be a very nice National Park in Sydney.
    Quite unlike the flowers here in the Netherlands or in the Switzerland.
    And they are of very high quality,
    Excellently photographed.
    I hope to see more from you.
    Thank you and good-bye on a soon.
  • Willems Sense 12. November 2013, 15:06

    Hi John, big thanks for your kind comments, very much appreciated !! Greetings from Holland, Willem
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