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Jesse was born on October 4th, 1989, near Berlin, Germany where he grew up with his parents. Jesse took part in children productions where he led in the Christmas song "Bim Bam" for example. He began a two-year education in choreography, studio instruction and singing lessons after receiving his diploma from school at tenth grade. Jesse also enjoyed competitive swimming for nine years.

Among other experiences, it is noted that Jesse appeared as a guest on the youth television station OKBerlin. He has also had work with voice-acting and would love to once star as a guest for the German soap opera "GZSZ".

In the month of April, 2006, Jesse took notice to an advertisement in the teen magazine "Yam" searching for the sixth member of a new boy-band. He took part in the contest without any expectation of winning, before he was chosen. A whirlwind of fame and spotlight followed as a member of Part Six in the year following. Performing in "The Dome" and other large music venues, Part Six was successful thanks to their two singles "Want Ya!" followed by "Drive So Far" and their debut-album "What's That Sound".

2007 he left the Band to go his own Way. His new style is a mix of r'n'b and rock elements.

2007 he started to do some model stuff.

Kommentare 2

  • Frank Wiesen 14. Dezember 2007, 9:49

    Danke für Deine Anmerkung zu Gruß Frank
  • ModelTina 29. November 2007, 18:56

    Aber Hallo;)

    sehr schön Dich hier begrüßen zu dürfen*g*

    Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Erfolg und bin gespannt auf mehr tolle Bilder von Dir.

    Ganz Liebe Grüßchen an Dich
    So Sexy Legs
    So Sexy Legs

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