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Jasper Van Tilburgh

Free Mitglied, Essen

Über mich


Here a small description of who I am and what I do.
I studied several artistic directions but the most interesting education was at the academy of Antwerp where I studied for Paint-art. Also the years before my interests and education where artistic and here I came in contact with photography.
Also my grandfather is a great photographer. From him I learned a lot and gotted my interest.
For today I'm still searching my "thing" but I feel that I'm getting closer every day. By saying this I mean that photography is a every day thing. I can't live without it.
For now I got a small portfolio growing but it is getting bigger fast.
I believe the best scool is yourself. You can't learn more anywhere else than by yourself. I like to search the internet on interesting photographers and idea's but also tutorials etc.
Although tutorials are most of the time pore, there is always something you can learn. Piece by piece the knowlegde grows and so does my work ( I hope ;-))

Enjoy and believe in yourselfs!
Regards, Jasper

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