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Free Mitglied, Hamburg

Über mich

Asamoah Adutwum Idona was born and raise in Ghana but recently living in Hamburg German. He expresses His senses of creativity in Art by Photography. He specialize in Beauty, Fashion, Wedding and Portraits Photography. Styles and latest fashion trends with his personal conceptual. His images are strongly, senzational and been Categories alte Meister (Renaissance) with a twisted sense of humour.

If you ask about his studio he will authomatically point on world the environment that we live because biggest place for creativity is outside.
Restitution,awesomeness is something special he always install with his customers and is forever quality work done.

Kommentare 6

  • IdonaPhotography 5. September 2016, 22:53

    thanks to every one for the comment
  • IdonaPhotography 21. März 2016, 22:13

    Danke A.Gerla
  • A. Gerla 11. März 2016, 21:47

    Ganz tolle Bilder in Deinem Portfolio!
    Gruß Andreas
  • staufner photography 28. Juli 2015, 22:29

    Hallo und herzlich willkommen ;-)
    Ich wünsche Dir hier in der FC eine Menge Spaß und nette Kontakte und immer bestes Licht für die Umsetzung Deiner Ideen.

    Wachtelweizen-Scheckenfalter (Melitaea athalia)
    Wachtelweizen-Scheckenfalter (Melitaea athalia)
    staufner photography

  • teddynash 27. Juli 2015, 8:51

    Herzlich Willkommen in der FC !
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß hier.

    Schöne Grüße
  • Mauro Tomassetti 26. Juli 2015, 18:07

    Hello, Idona
    and welcome to Fc.com!

    You will soon appreciate how useful and enjoyable it is when you share your pictures and impressions.
    To start your activities, I suggest you leaving comments under other users pics and interact with them. Your opinions are very important!
    Your first friends, as well as new inspirations, are awaiting you.

    Good light from

    Mauro Tomassetti
    Admin Team

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