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Truth Doesnt Make A Noise

My babys got a heart of stone
cant you people just leave her alone
she never did nothing to hurt you
so just leave her alone
The motion of her tiny hands
and the quiver of her bones below
are the signs of a girl alone
and tell you everything
you need to know
I cant explain it
I feel it often
everytime I see her face
but the way you treat her
fills me with rage and I
want to tear apart the place
You try to tell her what to do
and all she does is stare at you
her stare is louder than your voice
because truth doesnt make a noise

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  • Herr Kœsters 26. Oktober 2005, 23:12

    du hast ein paar sehr interessante sachen in deinem portfolio. ich werde dich mal beobachten...
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