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Guido Akster

Free Mitglied, Zuid-Beijerland

Über mich


Nice of your to take a look at my profile.

In normal life i am a chief purchasing officer at a buldingcontracter in the netherlands.
Taking Photo's started when i got kids some 4 years ago, and i found out that it is a great way to forget work, and set your mind in a relaxmode.

At the start of last summer (06) i decided that i wanted to do more with photografie, until then i have been shooting with a Sony cybershot DSC P1. Now i am the happy owner of a Canon EOS 350D equiped with the kitlens and a Sigma 70-300 lens and aditional a Canon Speedlite 430.

I don't have a specialitie jet, mayby sometime in the future. i don't have worked with models yet, and that is somthing i want to try next year.

I hope you enjoy my work, and please tel me what i can do to improve my work.


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