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Gerrit Jan Hofert

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Über mich

I started with photographie four years ago during a school project. We were supposed to create collage of photos of one's own free choice. I decided to focus on macro photographing, showing plants in spring and their way of recovering from the winter. Thats how it all started.

Later is started to travel quite regular which is why I began to document those journeys. My point of interest was and is to show various perspectives of the countries I've been too. Photographing the people, their environment, their lifestyles and the nature of course. On one hand I try hard to give every picture a magical touch, out of the frantically daily life. On the other hand the picture shouldn't cut that reality out completely. I don't focus on specific topics to show this. Further more I don't edit my pictures very much because I think a good picture doesn't need much editing.

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