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Über mich

This account on fotocommunity offers me the possibilty to have a collection of digital artwork, which is based on both conventional digital art methods and Digital magic Art (DImArt) methods. Thank you very to fotocommunity for this opportunity.

As co-founder of the Digital magic Art (DimArt) Project I'm involved in computer art based on photo and video data.

The inventor of the DimArt method is Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kempf. As a physicist he is enthusiastic about creating pictures, paintings, and canvas in a "magical way" of digital art.
With this enthusiasm I also got involved into creating art work with this "magical" methods. In the year 2014 we founded the DimArt project and since then both of us are continuously researching and experimenting. We try to find now different ways to apply a little bit of magic in digital artwork. Finally, the allover goal at the end of the road is to have some decent artwork...

For more links pictures see also: http://www.digitalmagicart.de
Highlights of the DiMA method
- promotes creativity and fantasy
- exciting and fascinating due to open results of DimArt pictures
- provides pictures and videos at a high artistic value
- well suited for hobby artists
- no advanced skill in handling of art techniques is demanded


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