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Friedrich Danny

Free Mitglied, Donauwörth

Kommentare 3

  • Sebastian Er. 15. September 2007, 13:39

  • Markus V 15. September 2007, 10:24

    auch da du Nase =)
    wünsch dir viel spass in der FC!!!!!
  • Balazs Pataki 15. September 2007, 1:13

    Hi D4RkSkILLz,

    welcome in FC where bright and dark moods always meet. This is a great place to get feedback on our work and meet likeminded people through a common visuality. It's a tradition here to give newcomers some golden advice if writing the first comment, so here is mine:
    1) Don't be ashamed to tell if there's something you don't like. Photographers appreciate nice-nice comments but they hunger for useful remarks.
    2) Mark people you like as friends, so that you always see their new works. Usually it works in both directions - it's networking FC-like.
    3) If you like pics or comments by particular people, don't hesitate to leave a comment in their profile.
    Wishing you nice lights,

    Balazs Pataki

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