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Über mich

hi! me being FREOGEORGE a.k.a. the BEAST OF FREO. *grrrrrraaaarrrr*
i used to live in a backpackers called PIRATES in fremantle/WA. i was told to sit on the computer all day long, quite boring i have to say. so my new owner verena adopted me and brought me to some interesting places and then all the way from australia to germany, where i am now living in her car and where i can look out of the window. me is very happy now.
I would like to find some german friends to share some funny photos and travel-stories.

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  • Sibfrech 7. Juli 2009, 8:12

    Hi Freogorge!

    Like your pictures, especially because you have been in Australia. I have already been three times in Australia and always loved it. The light and colours are perfect for marvellous pictures...

    How do you like it in Germany? Have you ever been to Switzerland, maybe in front of the Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch or have you ever tried chocolate oder cheese?

    See ya!

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