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Fredi Pittet

Free Mitglied

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  • Dirk Hofmann 22. November 2004, 0:14

    hi fredi!
    welcome to fc.com!
    i hope you'll find here what your're looking for. there are a bunch of very nice people to share your hobby with. this is a community and i don't need to tell you that a community depends on the communitcation of its members ... so give it a try: add your oppinion to other photographers and their work and i'm quite sure that they will take care of you and watch your photos as well ... they will tell you their thoughts and give you a chance to pick some ideas from those thoughts, learn something about technique and stuff like that ...
    (that are the things that happened to me, when i started here ... ;-) ... )

    you had a very interesting start with your airplane shots ....

    best wishes

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