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Fred Camphausen

Free Mitglied, Bishop

Über mich


My nickname is "Campy" and I live in Bishop, California. I've had a lifetime interest in photography but my photos are only snapshots - recorded by an amateur with a 2 megapixel camera. [2005 - upgrade to 7 MP, still an amateur.]

I welcome your comments. I can read German but I don't speak and write it very well.

Best wishes to all fc contributors. I think all your beautiful photos are great.


Kommentare 26

  • Gerd Roppelt 17. Januar 2009, 12:44

    Hi Campy,

    I like your pictures of Death Valley. They are very nice!

    Have a good time
  • traveller 2. September 2007, 12:54

    i grubbed in your photos and the are much interesting and well done shots of landscapes and other things
    best regards
  • Seagaul 1. Juni 2007, 19:03

    Dear Fred, just discovered Your Portfolio on fc. It´s a wonderful site, telling stories, giving short informations, good entertainment. I like best the pics from the cave dwellings in the US. It´s like walking around myself. I THink the snapshot idea works tremendously well. I will stop by occassionally to see what´s new. Herzliche Grüße - F.
  • The Desert Scorpion 19. November 2005, 23:23

    Hi Campy,
    Thank you for your nice comment about my picture. I appreciate it very much. It´s almost four years ago that I´ve been in Bishop to meet Galen Rowell at his Gallery, a half year before he died. Time is running out so fast. But next month I´ll be in the Southwest again and maybe I will pass by in Bishop.

    Peace, Dietmar (TDS)
  • Ralph G 13. Juli 2005, 21:45

    Hallo Fred,
    a u s n a h m s w e i s e ! einmal auf Deutsch, (Danke dafür) da Du sagst, dass Du es lesen kannst: Ja, Deine Bilder waren einige der ersten, die ich vor wenigen Monaten in der fc gesehen habe und jetzt habe ich deine Spur auf Helgas Seite wieder gefunden. Eigentlich hatte ich vor, in 2005 nach Andalusien zu fahren, ... Das muss jetzt doch leider warten ... Ich hatte bisher auch ausschließlich Schnapshots gemacht. Und soll ich Dir mal was sagen? Ich fand sie häufig bewegender als kompliziert und angestrengt komponierte Bilder. Deine Bilder gefallen mir gut und ich werde mal wieder reinschauen.
    Have a nice time.
  • Marinka K. 25. April 2005, 20:49

    Hi, Campy!
    Thank you very much for warm komment.
    I looked at your photos. They are great!
    Best greetings, Marinika.
  • Robert Cartwright 23. Februar 2005, 18:25

    Fred, You're right!!! Dodger is very proud, though unconsciously so, and as comfortable as any living being on the planet.
    I am amazed at the quality of your photographs taken with the 2 mpx point n shoot. That quality speaks volumes of your abilities. ~~~~~Bob
  • Geert van der Zee 2. Februar 2005, 21:46

    Many thanks for your comment,on my Horse /blond hair.
    It's a PS composition ,but a BAD one.
    Best Regards from Germany.
    Geert van der Zee
  • Uli Brennemann 2. Februar 2005, 18:28

    Hi, Campy,
    just discovered your site + fotos. Great !
    There are many of Spain.
    Are you living or travelling now in Spain?
    Best greetings from a german, living in Barcelona
  • ILO NA 21. November 2004, 13:50

    Hi Campy,
    thank you for your comment to my pic. I often looking at your pics too.
    greatings Ilona
  • Gaby Gassmann 8. November 2004, 10:50

    Hello Campy !
    Thank you for your nice remarks - it seems you clicked all my pictures ! I´ve set you on my buddylist and let´s see what the Two Megapixel Army is going to do in the future...
    Greetings, Gaby
  • Frank Decker 5. September 2004, 10:35

    Hallo Fred,
    vielen Dank für deine Anmerkung.
    Deine Bilder gefallen mir.
    Gruß Frank
    Terribilis I
    Terribilis I
    Frank Decker
  • Jaime Caviedes 3. September 2004, 15:55

    Hi Campy, thanks for your comments, tell us more from where you are.
    Best wishes, Jaime
  • Geri Geranimo 17. Februar 2004, 18:27

    hello Campy
    thx for your nice notes.
  • Fred Camphausen 31. Januar 2004, 20:13

    Hello Zby: Leider nicht in Stuttgart. Nächtest Jahr vielleicht. Ich folgte die Mitteilungen mit Interesse. Entschuldige über mein schlechtes Deutsch.
    Grüße, Freiheit: Campy
  • Zbigniew Tappert 31. Januar 2004, 19:36

    have I seen you today?
    I mean in stuttgart?
    I was there, but I don't know about anybody speaking english there, well too bad, I wish I could practice mine :)
    anyways, hope to see you next time maybe!
    take care!
  • Fred Camphausen 29. Dezember 2003, 6:23

    Hi JanLeo: Ok, ok, auf Deutsch. Danke. Alles Gutes im Neu Jahr, Campy
  • Egbert Wöllert 29. Dezember 2003, 5:55

    hallo fred,

    da schreibst du mir eine nachricht auf englisch und breche mir einen ab, dir auf englisch zu antworten! *lacht* dabei sprichst du deutsch ... nächste mail bitte auf deutsch ...

    alles gute aus worpswede
    dein guter janleo°
  • Heidi Zimmerli 26. Dezember 2003, 23:16

    Hallo Fred
    Gut dass Du Deutsch verstehst. Ich habe mich gerade sehr gefreut über Deine Bemerkung zu meinem Foto "Hobbykoch". Danke und auch ich wünsche Dir ein gutes neues 2004 !!

    Heidi from Schweiz :))
  • Fred Camphausen 23. Dezember 2003, 1:22

    Danke Matthias, Gleichfalls.
    Ich komme immer zurueck um dein Lanz Bulldog Foto zu sehen... tief unter ein Haufe alte Fotos sind meine Bilder von ein Lanz Bulldog ich in einem Weinbau Austellung gesehen habe, in, na!, 1955? Immer gluecklich die alte Machine anzuschauen. Deine andere fotos sind auch sehr schoen! Entschuldigst' ueber mein schlechtes Deutsch.
    Schoen gutes neu Jahr!
  • Matthias Riedesel 22. Dezember 2003, 22:58

    Hello Fred,
    I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Matthias Riedesel
  • Fred Camphausen 20. Dezember 2003, 20:17

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your remarks. I like your photos. Did you use digital on Miami Nights? I suppose that Hamburg and Miami are both alike in having somewhat foggy or smokey air. I think that's what "aus der Luft" means?!?
    LA is that way too - we call it "Smog".
    Best Holiday Wishes, Campy
  • Fred Camphausen 20. Dezember 2003, 19:55

    Hi Helga:
    Thank you for your welcome message. Duesseldorf is the "Heimatstadt" of my family long ago and I hope to return for a visit. I enjoyed particularly your Ballonfest images, and I took the liberty of notifying friends in Albuquerque concerning your site. I'm just learning, and will look into the FC buddylist to see how it is used.
    Best Holiday Wishes to you, Campy
  • Peter Karbusicky 20. Dezember 2003, 9:20

    Hi Fred,
    Welcome to this fotocommunity !
  • Helga R. 20. Dezember 2003, 7:59

    Hallo Fred,
    here are comming many greetings from Düsseldorf at the Rhein. I have been in USA in october and if you like it, you can look into my Galerie about USA. I´m just writing about this yourney. And in Albuquerque I met Marco with his family during the balloon fiesta, it was a real fun. So I`m looking further to your pictures for I welcome you in my buddylist
    greatings Helga

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