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Free Mitglied, BERLIN

Über mich

_ S T A T E M E N T

_All pictures are taken with a standard digital camera.

No lens, no effect, no filter, but some level/contrast equalisation.

I like them to remain anonymous and spontaneous, with a non-oversized quality, hence the grain sometime.
My favorite themes are the emptiness in cities, the human print in unexpected places and the abstrakt shapes in architecture.

_All purchased printed photo will be conceived with an home-made frame (0,5-1cm depth, wood, plastic, glass or frame according to the picture, so that you get your own unique edition).

_B I O G R A P H Y

[1977 > 2001]
_I mostly lived & enjoyed life in Luxemburg, south Italy & France.
Nothing really serious at that time except playing in several bands and travelling a lot.

[2003 > 2006]
_Composing & touring with the 3some band FABle.
We released one album and a DVD, did more than 100 gigs in almost 20 countries and then realised our purposes where different.
BIG time.
I then worked as a booking agent for SillonS records.

[2007 > 2009]
_Moved to Berlin_Germany where I am still Currently living & working.
I first used to run a venue-gallery, then went on as a freelance event organiser, focusing on concerts and exhibitions mainly.

[2010 > ????]
_Remembered I have been taking pictures and designing bands album covers for years, and still am I. That is the work which is now shown on this website.
Please consider I might be a musician, not a photographer-

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