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Fabio Ghidini

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Fabio Ghidini hat noch keine Angaben über sich gemacht.

Kommentare 23

  • Jean Louis 5. Januar 2004, 18:09

    ciao Fabio

    ho visto le tue foto qui su fotocommunity. Ce ne sono di veramente belle. Che macchina usi? Digitale o analogica? (si dice analogica, se si parla di una macchina fotografica??)

    Spero di vedere ancora altre tue foto su fotocommunity.

    ciao ...jean
  • Vera R 31. Dezember 2004, 18:41

    Hello Fabio
    Best wishes for 2004

    LG Vera
  • Barbara Thielen 22. Oktober 2003, 21:46

    Your photos are fantastico :-)your own site is great too. Both, your fish and the plants, show you in singular beauty... Thanks for showing :-)))
  • Oliver.D 13. Oktober 2003, 14:07

    So, I take you in my Buddylist for your great Pictures.
    Thanks for the moment´s to view.
    Best regards
  • Geri H. 10. Oktober 2003, 20:28

    Hi Fabio,
    I just looked through your pictures...they are really great!!!!
    Keep on shooting _Buddy_ ;-)

    Best regards
  • Helena Ludwig 7. Oktober 2003, 12:54

    Ciao Fabio!
    Tante grazie per il tuo commento e benvenuto sopra la mia Buddylist. :-) (Parlo solo un poco d´Italiano....)
    I took a look at your photos and I liked them a lot. You look a lot like a FC-User from Vienna. Gerhard Krejci It´s astonishing!
    Best regards from Vienna!
  • Paola Casali 6. Oktober 2003, 21:42

  • Rolf Gerber 5. Oktober 2003, 10:50

    Benvenuto nella FC !
    un pò d'italianità può essere solo un bene !!!
    saluti rolf
  • Adrian C. Nitu 1. Oktober 2003, 4:12

  • Silvia Antunes 1. Oktober 2003, 1:11

    You have a fantastic "light".
    I like your photos very much.
    Greetings from Lisbon.
  • K.Peter Meyer 1. Oktober 2003, 0:26

    You're on my buddylist til you're very first entry here.

    I always forget to write a personal comment, o i hope it's not to late doing it now :-)


  • Regina H. 30. September 2003, 17:45

    welcome to my buddy-list :-)))
  • Blende EinsAcht 26. September 2003, 20:54

  • Lars Ihring 23. September 2003, 23:24

    a very warm welcome :)
    best regards, lars
  • Paola Casali 23. September 2003, 21:00

    Benvenuto Fabio!!! :))))
  • Mandy Privenau 23. September 2003, 20:58

    hi und a very happy welcome!
    i thank you for all your comments and i´m glad of your pictures!
    i´ll watching you some more times;-)
    Great and go on that way!

    GReetz Mandy
  • Sonja Inselmann 23. September 2003, 20:46

    Great, you are an artist!
    Give us more!!!! ;-))))

    bye Sonja
  • Fabio Ghidini 23. September 2003, 18:31

    Thanks you all, you're so kind... I can't remember a so warm welcome!
  • Vera R 23. September 2003, 14:22

    Hi and welcome Fabio
    .....when do we get the picture of yourself ?
  • Hansjoerg S. 23. September 2003, 10:37

    Hello Faio,
    thanks a lot for your comment to my flower picture.
    I wish you a lot of fun in the FC.
  • Zbigniew Tappert 23. September 2003, 0:16

    welcome ! und herzlich willkommen auf meiner buddy liste ! !!

  • Sven Wilde 22. September 2003, 10:55

    Deine Fotos verlangen nach mehr!!!
  • Jette H. 20. September 2003, 21:28

    Hi Fabio,
    right now I have seen your first two pics and i like them very much. Hope for more of such great work and want to say WELCOME :)
    Best regards
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