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Dime D.

Free Mitglied, Nimmerland

Über mich


Nikon + Minolta
nur analog


Max Cavalera - Soulfly
"Music has lost one of the greatest players and a friend and brother in metal. We toured together many times as a matter of fact and Darrell "Dime" and his brother came to our show in Texas. Today I feel empty, like there's nothing we can do to bring him back. All I can do is pray that Darrell is in a better place."

Zakk Wylde
He was beyond beautiful. When he'd walk in the room, he'd light it up. Fuck the guitar playing -- he's right up there with Eddie and Randy and Hendrix. All he wanted to do was make everyone happy. He was the ray of sunshine. Dime will never die ever -- he's in my veins. He's sitting at God's tavern, having a cold one with Randy Rhoads and Hendrix. Dime was an original.

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