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Hello everybody!
I’m not the person of the words, but we can’t will know everything about somebody from a few scripted peculiar. But so let’s start it, something about me now I’m learning in a secondary school and I wish to carry on learning. I like the horse riding that I started more than 6 years ago formerly I liked the show-jumping but now I like the dressage test. I like the animals and the nature, also I like to taking photos and walking, discovering the world, see the good things what I can’t see every day, and looking for the happiness... I like drawing, writing poems, designing clothes… I like reading, especially true stories. I played on piano a few years, although now I play only at home and I play on guitar, what I like so and I’m learning by my boyfriend. We together with my boyfriend more than 2 years, and I’m so in love with him and I hope that I’ll be with him for a long time. My boyfriend Dávid playing on guitar in the band Agregátor but formerly he played int he band Sable but unfortunately this group has already disbanded.

Agregator: The band has formed in 1997 in Tatabanya, for a progression of a kind of heavier rockmusic course. The production was mellow to 1999, so we were having concert. The band was debut in 2000 with the casette „Puszta lét” (eng. Pure entity), and it followed the „Túlontúl” (eng. Profusely) 1 year after. The album „A Semmi ágán” (eng. On the branch of nothing) released in 2004, and the new CD, Szürkület (eng. Dusk) released in summer of 2006 by the Nail Records. Based of the band’s live shows gone to the big cities of the country, to the summer parties (Sziget, Wanted, Hegyalja, Rockmaraton, Nightbreed, stb.), and they played in Transylvania and highlander clubs. They made 3 videoclips (Túlontúl/Profusely, Gyökerek nélkül/Without roots, A Válság dicsérete/Praise of crisis), which – near other actualities – we can visit ont he band’s website (http://www.agregator.hu). Maybe that’s all at first, I’ll make update if it everything goes well.

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