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Craig Robinson

Free Mitglied, Stacyville, Maine

Über mich

I am a retired forester living under the eastern shadow of Mt. Katahdin here in northern Maine.

I love all that nature offers....each and every day. I hate that which destroys her.


Kommentare 36

  • Mario E. 17. Dezember 2009, 8:04

    thx for your comment!
    low spot
    low spot
    Mario E.

  • Birgit Presser 16. Dezember 2009, 22:18

    Dear Craig!
    Your photos are really wonderful!!!
    Don't give up!
    Birgit Presser

  • Tonny v Bree 16. Dezember 2009, 19:12

    Thanksssssssss 4 youre nice compliment on my picture........
    Its nice to get compliments from great artists like you......

    Greetings Tonny
    A picture from my big gardenfriend again.... II
    A picture from my big gardenfriend again.... II
    Tonny v Bree
  • Patrick Kleemann 22. Dezember 2005, 21:13

    hi craig. i just want to leave a short notice because i really like your pictures.patrick
  • Kathy Rett 4. November 2005, 23:47

    Hy Craig...found your pics here. Great and I would love to see more.
    Greetings from Düsseldorf
  • lomo sapiens 4. November 2005, 21:39

    Thanks Craig for your reaction to my picture.
    It's nice to hear a reaction from the U.S.A.
    best regards from Hamburg :)
  • Helmut Fleischhauer 4. November 2005, 18:53

    Hello Craig,
    just browsed your images.
    Truly a fine collection you captured with the lens.
    Nature is a master of creation; the 'Spotted Touch-me-Not' is just one sample of nature's art and your ability to see beauty.
  • Sabine Stenzel 17. Februar 2005, 12:37

    Hi Craig, thank you for your nice comment at my photo! Iámglad and I hope, see you here again, the bleeding hearts are wonderfull!Best wishes, Sabine
  • Piroska Baetz 15. Februar 2005, 9:52

    Hi Craig,

    Piroska Baetz

    I thank you for the nice Comment at my picture, I am pleased about it. You machts in addition, beautiful photo. I wish you sunny days still,
    greeting, Piri
  • Gert S. 8. Februar 2005, 15:39

    Hello Craig,
    thanks for your nice comment at my photo and nice to meet you here in the community.

    Bset regards, Gert.
  • C.-M. Anselmann 13. Januar 2005, 18:49

    Hi Craig,
    best wishes from Germany from the young fellow with a glint of impishness in his eyes.
    best regards Carola
  • Karin Hartwig 10. Dezember 2004, 12:53

    Hi Craig!
    Nice to meet you :-) And thanks for your kind comment on my picture (mother as a young lady!!).
    Hope to "see" you again...
    Warmest regards,
  • Renate Rudolph 7. Dezember 2004, 22:24

    Hello Craig!
    Thanks for your nice comment at my photo
    mit Zuckerrand ;-)
    mit Zuckerrand ;-)
    Renate Rudolph

    A look at your wonderful pictures shows me that Maine is beautiful.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos about Maine and his inhabitants.
    Greetings from Nuremberg
  • Dieter Craasmann 29. November 2004, 18:49

    Hi Craig, I came here to find out if I can have a look at some new pictures, there are no new once, so I looked at your lovely collection again.

    Best wishes from Hamburg
  • Visiones de vida. 4. November 2004, 19:47

    Love your philosophy, yellow button on!!!

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