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Chong Steve

Free Mitglied

Kommentare 5

  • Horst Lehmitz 27. Januar 2004, 11:56

    Welcome Steve!
    A new Buddy!!!!!
    Greetings Horst L.
  • Katrin Mathis 10. Januar 2004, 13:19

    I just love your work you show us here...
    you're in my buddy list from now on :)
    I hope you'll have a great time here ;)

    take care,
  • Ina Hesmer 9. Oktober 2003, 0:15

    Hi there
    Welcome to the FC. I am looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. I am envious of the patience you obviously have, seeting them up. :)

    take care, Ina
  • Tom P 7. Oktober 2003, 14:37

    Your first picture Rush is my favourite.
    I wait for more of this excelent fotographs.
    You are absolute on my Buddylist.
  • Jpg Factory 7. Oktober 2003, 9:41

    FC welcomes a very very talented photographer...
    welcome dude!!
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