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Bernd Ade

Free Mitglied, Sydney

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  • Bernd Ade 17. April 2009, 14:05

    Bernd Walter Ade, the founder of Group International, born in Germany, started as a Dental Technician, completed his Degree and later further advanced his education by attending a Masters Degree course for his profession and in accountancy at the University in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Bernd migrated to Australia in 1975 where he worked and later managed one of the largest dental laboratories in Sydney where after several years, Bernd established a further 6 dental laboratories in the Pacific Region.

    In 1990 Bernd moved into real estate and international finance, by assisting clients in obtaining finance. Bernd also assisted to relocate one of the largest Tuna fishing fleets (worth US$100 million) from San Diego to Suva, Fiji where the contract of sale (Intent to purchase) was signed in 1992.

    Bernd then gained further success in many different aspects of business including finance, stock market trading, and project management and also in the film industry where he produced extreme sporting documentaries. Bernd’s contact and network of associates reaches into many countries worldwide

    Bernd’s connections in the sporting world is second to none with contacts in Europe, USA and many other countries due to his strong involvement and financial support and sponsorship in many sports, for example in Rhythmic Gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, German wheel and track and field and now in extreme sporting events where he participates.

    See www.antarcticchallenge.net or www.impactimages.com.au/simpsondesert/race.htm or http://www.youthsportsfoundation.com/template.php?template=info

    Bernd’s expertise is locating the right people to work as team to satisfy clients’ needs worldwide. The team has been especially handpicked over years and the success is here to show.

    Further information can be obtained by writing to:

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