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Ann-Magrit Caspar

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From the hand-me-downs of my Dad, I slowly moved my way up as he did. Starting with a basic Digital Olympus, I moved on to the Sony H9 when photography became a more important and enjoyable hobby in my life. Now I happily shoot with the Nikon D60 and find photo ideas and challenges in everyday life.

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  • Mako Art photography 28. Juli 2007, 11:53

    Herzlich Willkommen in der Community. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß hier und viele tolle Bildideen.
    LG Karsten

  • Cees Kuijs 28. Juli 2007, 10:18

    Welcome to the Fotocommunity.com.
    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share you`re passion for photography.
    You can view and comment the work of others, you can upload your own work to share it and get comments from other people around the world, and you can discuss or ask about anything you might want to know about our common interests.

    For more further help you can take a look at the following links :

    For online help, click on this link ;

    If there is still anything else you want to know, you can always ask me or an other member of the team for your questions.

    Fotocommunity is sharing your passion !!

    Well see you and have a lot of fun :-))
    Cees Kuijs, Channelmanager Nature

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