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ANDRÉWEIGEL photography

Free Mitglied, Essen // New York // Los Angeles

Über mich

"i hate good taste. it's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person !"
- helmut newton -

ever since my earliest days as a child, i was always driven be visual imagery, music and art that inspired my inner creativity. for me, art took on a special place in my heart, opening doors to a vibrant. in those days, my creativity came to light through drawing, modelling and making music. in the early-90's, i messed around with old cameras of my parents and i became increasingly addicted to seeing life in a new way. i knew that making photographs would become my lifeblood, but never knew how act out this wild dream of actually making a career of it. i'd later spend several years, delving into the mechanics of photography, painstakingly teaching myself how to shoot from my heart and spending countless bucks for gear. i've taken small bits and pieces from other inspirational photographers along the way, but i would eventually mash them all together to find out what works best for me. i came to the realization, that every person had their own strengths and weaknesses, but living up to them is difficult.

after bringing my camera to a concert some years ago, i found myself at the intersection of two life-long passions. music and photography. after this experience, as an avid music lover and photographer, concert-photography has become my big true passion.

my activity counts on various publications in the most popular music-magazines, newspapers and photo-agencies as well as on many tight collaborations with international artists.

the bottom line is that still i love to get out and shoot. regardless of the consuming business world around me, i continue to push my creative limits each and every time i'm behind the camera. i like to work with "simple gear", out of one bag and i don't take myself too seriously... for those who know me, would agree !

used equipment: Canon / Leica / Nikon (digital) / Hasselblad (analog / digital) / my right eye and index finger

Kommentare 10

  • Gallus Pictures present 31. Oktober 2009, 11:54

    Halloween steht vor der Tür
  • BuenVanBuensen 26. August 2009, 21:54

    Hammer Fotos...Genau meine Welt. Ich werde ich öfter mal vorbeischauen. Grüße aus Berlin
  • FrankM. 16. März 2009, 19:42

    Great pics!
  • Nat ohne pünktchen 28. November 2008, 23:04

    great concert pictures..buddy.
  • Tobias Trojan 20. November 2008, 14:07

    Klasse Konzertaufnahmen, bin schwer beindruckt. Hoffe das ich noch mehr davon zu sehen bekomme.

    Greetings Tobias
  • U. Bechstein - Photography 27. Februar 2008, 9:41

    Weiter so, nett Dich kennengelernt zu haben!

    lg Uli
  • Arkadiusz Goniwiecha 15. September 2007, 19:01

    erscheint so wegen community quali, in orginal astrein scharf ;)
  • H. R2 9. Januar 2007, 18:47

    Top Konzertfotos... werd Dich sicher weiterbeobachten!

    Allzeit passendes Licht

  • Dietmar · 9. Januar 2007, 9:23

    Hallo André,

    klasse Einstand; freue mich auf mehr.

    Viele Grüße
  • Karl Kühn 25. Dezember 2006, 10:37

    Hallo Aw !

    Herzliches Willkommen in der fc.
    wünsche dir viele Anmerkungen
    nette Kontakte, Spaß und gutes Licht!!

    Fröhliche Weihnachten !

    LG Karl

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my right eye and index finger