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Andrea Azor-Smith

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  • Día Ynoche 18. Dezember 2006, 22:46

    where are YOU from? thanks for your comment under my profile, I appreciated....
  • YRG 22. September 2006, 15:40

    Hello Andrea,
    If you mean, how to attach the picture to your comment, so this is very simple. Under each picture on FC there is a small number on the right, looks like this one : fc-foto:6712274, this is the number or code of my picture The Strawberries 2 :)
    You just copy such code under your picture and put it to the window where you write the comment. And... it will be there!
    Good luck,
  • Eamon Lynch 26. Juni 2005, 16:50

    Great Stuff Andrea nice pic's
  • Bill Lang 17. Mai 2005, 23:49

    Hi Andrea
    Thanks for your kind comments on Bleeding Heart.
    Greetings from Canada

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