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Alex Manetti

Free Mitglied, rotterdam

Über mich

Some Years ago my friend yves lend me his camera, so i went out to make some pictures.
I was really motivated, but because of personal circumstances I kinda quit taking pictures.
After seeing this lovely site, i was so inspired. that I would like to pick it up again. So I am.
I don't have so much time as I used to, so I won't be so productive, But at least I am doing something that I really like. and that's thinking about beautifull things.
Shooting with an old Nikon F3
with a couple of different lenses.
Hopefully I'll be able to make some nice pictures, you can all enjoy.
Btw i speak german. but my writing is not so good Anymore, that's why i type my comments in english.
See ya...

Kommentare 5

  • Diego González Sanz 24. Januar 2005, 23:45

    uauuu.. youre from Rotterdam, very nice city,, having so much modern architecture why dont you take some photos to those great buildings in there?I would do it! I went there last september and got fascinated about it..But the pics I did arent woth to be here, anyway there are good views you could take
  • S. A. Staudner 7. November 2003, 13:11

    i like your picturs


  • fineartpic 7. November 2003, 0:17

    gute auffassung , bleib einfach dran....
    ganz lg.walter
  • Christian2 Schuster 4. November 2003, 22:50

    hallo Alex,

    hab mir gerade deine Bilder durchgeschaut und muss sagen, du hast wirklich ein paar außergewöhnliche Aufnahmen dabei - gefallen mir sehr gut und freue mich, dich hier gefunden zu haben.

  • Dirk G.b. 24. Oktober 2003, 13:47

    Welcome Alex and thx for your comment. My spoken english is moderate as well my written english, but i try it... Have fun in the FC.


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