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Free Mitglied, Wolfsburg

Über mich

I am a very passionate photographer, even though I don't have enough money to buy expensive lenses and cameras, I try to take better pictures. I love to capture Human Emotions in my lens, But since now I stay in Germany where it is not allowed to take pictures of people, I started landscapes. I love traveling and I am always learning, trying to do something different, something innovative. I am good but I want to be different from others. I have ideas, but sometimes lacks for equipment and resources. I am innovative trying to capture a shot with different perspective. I want to be a Professional Photographer and I would do anything to get there. I don't care where I sleep, where I eat, Only thing which gives me immense pleasure at end of the day is when I have captured something really nice in my Camera. This is all about me.

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Nikon D7100