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Bettina Hackelsperger

Free Mitglied, Kelheim


It seems someone
Passed me the key
To a house,
A house deep down inside of me
A sunken castle
I never noticed before
With hundreds of rooms
Awaiting me
Strange in the distance, silently
Waiting mysteriously,
Nearly menacingly
The path leading to the doorway,
Rocky, covered with roses
And all of their thorns
Everywhere signs saying
Not to walk easily
I entered it. Finally.
And still while I turned the key
Other doors opened
Deep down in the dark
Floods of rainbow shimmering light
Stroke me.
Were softly covering me
Stopped dead at the threshold. Shivering.
With my arms wrapped around me

I hardly dare to breathe

Led Zeppelin, In the Light http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwKN-odEAVA

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