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Yellow taxis

Times square in New York City, USA
2 cameras, manual sinc.
Bigger version at http://www.photographer.ru/nonstop/pics/big/302/302454.jpg

3Dimka ;)
P.S. I have no idea how to reply comments, any hint?

Kommentare 6

  • Harald Andres Schmid 21. Juli 2006, 23:17

    Great pic!
    Regards, Harald Andres
  • Hubert Becker 21. Juli 2006, 17:40

    Excellent shot. Great streetscene. Perfect sync.
    Der Scheinfenster-Award - Teil 2
    Der Scheinfenster-Award - Teil 2
    Ro Land

  • Anika Henkel 21. Juli 2006, 12:40

    What a colourful and living scene. Good synch.
    Greetings, Anika
  • Ro Land 21. Juli 2006, 12:26

    Very good picture! Great synchro!

    To "reply" you have to klick on "post comment" ... only in german it means "Anmerkung schreiben"... :-)

    If you want to set a picture link - for example like this:
    Prag [3D]
    Prag [3D]
    Ro Land

    you just have to copy the "fc-foto"-number placed under the gray box - brackets included - and paste it in your comment or picture describtion.

    Regards, Roland
  • Sascha Becher 21. Juli 2006, 11:32

    This is great, indeed. Even the big picture could be much larger to see all the details.
    You can post a comment by clicking on "Anmerkung schreiben" on the end of the page. A window opens then (this needs JavaScript).
    Your comments are marked with an orange button. By clicking on it, you can edit the text later on.
  • Bernhard Kletzenbauer 21. Juli 2006, 9:30

    Nice stereo. The Bigger version is better. You can in Fotocommunity load up pictures in the size 1000x1000 pixels too.
    "...reply comments, any hint?"
    Of course, you self write a new comment.