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Craig Robinson

Free Mitglied, Stacyville, Maine

Windswept Barn

Nikon D2h, Nikkor 28-70mm AF-S

Kommentare 16

  • ewaldmario 2. September 2004, 22:56

    great picture !
  • Craig Robinson 15. Februar 2004, 0:04

    Hi, Christa. Yes, it is a beautiful red one.
    Happy Valentine's Day !
    ~Craig :^)
  • FOCRIBA 14. Februar 2004, 23:18

    Love your pic of the barn.
    Is it one of the beautiful red ones?
    Best wishes from Munich
  • Craig Robinson 5. Februar 2004, 23:49

    Hi Marcel.
    This is a barn that used to be filled with dairy cows. It is in the neighboring village. We didn't get a blizzard last week, but we had a fierce windstorm.
    Best regards ~ Craig
  • Günter Sommerfeld 4. Februar 2004, 8:28

    Sehr schöner Bildaufbau.
    Wirkt wie aus dem 18. Jahrhundert. Prima! :-)
    LG Günter
  • Craig Robinson 3. Februar 2004, 22:19

    I understand. I should have taken notice of your smilies and understood you were just joking. Thanks, Andy :^)
  • Craig Robinson 3. Februar 2004, 22:15

    Thank you. Read what I just wrote Thomas above and you will have your answer why I didn't obtain the perfect composition. It is the lesser of two evils and I had to make a choice.
    Regards ~ Craig
  • Alexander M. 3. Februar 2004, 21:18

    good work
  • Carina Meyer-Broicher 3. Februar 2004, 21:16

    a lovely place and a good picture. the tree already has been mentioned.
    kr Carina
  • Matz Wachter 3. Februar 2004, 21:00

    ... and better than being run over by a truck. the barn looks magnificent. something that is old but will still be there when we are gone.
  • Craig Robinson 3. Februar 2004, 20:55

    Hi Matthias. The picture was taken in northern Maine. I wasn't too pleased about having to cut the top of the birch off, but I was forced to do it. I couldn't get any further away from the scene because I was standing in the highway and that's the best I could do with that lens. I wanted all that nice foreground in there so it was either that or all of the tree.
    Regards ~ Craig
  • Matz Wachter 3. Februar 2004, 19:47

    hi craig, what a wonderful picture. too bad you cut off the birch a bit at the top but that ist not too important. where did you take the pic? i saw alot of these in minnesota and desperately wanna go back there to make a "barn-tour".
  • Craig Robinson 3. Februar 2004, 19:27

    Hello Martin. It was shot in color with my Nikon D2h and then converted to grayscale. I just played with contrast and brightness to arrive at this result. I was forced into using the composition you see. I could either include all of the tree and less of the interesting foreground. I chose to go with the foreground.
    Best regards ~ Craig
  • Karl - Hermann Simon 3. Februar 2004, 19:20

    Klasse Foto, da macht das Anschauen richtig Spass
  • Olaf Herrig 3. Februar 2004, 19:19

    Excellent photo work, Craig! Wonderful light and a great motive!
    Regards, Olaf.