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Luc Van den Nieuwenhof

Free Mitglied, Antwerpen


Nikon Coolpix 995
I was walking a bit in my hometown this afternoon ( Hoboken Antwerp) looking for some good details to shoot.
my eye catches this window it was ice cold +2°C while the sun was shining and the flowers minds me a bit on the summer.

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  • Ka Rin 28. Dezember 2001, 22:29

    Your pic looks very romantic, i like it.
    Sorry, my english ist not the best ;-)

    Lieben Gruss......Allegra

  • Sylvia Mancini 25. Dezember 2001, 21:43

    It seems as though it is a bit warmer in your hometown than it is here in Germany...flowers on the windowsill (outside!) are nothing but a memory ...I like it how the green windowpanes pick up the colour of the leaves and the curtains which are seen as white are a balance for the white flower pot in the center...
    May I criticize just a little bit? It would have even been better if the frame of the window would be parallel to the left side (vertical)...easy to correct with a graphic tool...and well worth it on that photo!
  • Cristina Iampaglia 21. Dezember 2001, 15:06

    nice photo .
  • Gabriele Jesdinsky 10. Dezember 2001, 17:53

    Great photograph, I *love* old homes, and great temperatures in Hoboken Antwerp. ;-)
    ... here in Berlin/Ger. Geraniums, Pelargonium, have already frozen to death weeks ago. :-|



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